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My Qualifications

  • BTEC Diploma in Sport
  • Registered Boxercise Instructor
  • Semi Pro Boxer

About Stuart Wright

I’ve worked with former NFL Cornerback Will Davies who had spells with Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. We worked on fitness and reaction on his off season and helped mobility whilst he was returning from a ruptured Achilles.

My passion for boxing came whilst working with my coach from my Semi- professional days Alan Hagan of THE VIPER PIT (Kirby- Liverpool) a registered BBBoC Coach and works with elite fighters in the north of England, Whilst training here I had the pleasure of training with the Former WBC Featherweight World Champion Paul Hodkinson who was fortunate to meet Muhammad Ali on many occasions due to holding the famous Green and Gold belt.

Working alongside these type of characters allowed me to adapt to coaching well and with my diverse style of fighting allowed me to carry this over and help clients train as a fighters mind set and intensity without physically taking shots like they would in a fight.

Boxing isn’t always about punching but about thinking. Anyone can pick up a set of gloves but it becomes a game of chess and the sweet science that allows the brain to Attack , Defend, Plot and survive , combined with the fitness aspect you can achieve anything you set out to

Whilst training alongside these elite level boxing coaches I’ve had the honour of piecing together my own unique style.

Boxing Benefits:
One of the top cross sports - many athletes and sports now use boxing as a method of training for many reasons as listed below

⁃ Raise fitness levels
⁃ Core strength
⁃ Posture
⁃ Mental mindset/ health
⁃ Physical & mental endurance
⁃ Grow Confidence
⁃ Exiting the comfort zone
⁃ The ability the push to new limits
⁃ Drop body fat
⁃ Gain muscle
⁃ Get defined
⁃ Faster reactions
………..And many more


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