Matt Glover @

Kiss Gyms Swindon


My Qualifications

  • L3 Personal Trainer Premier Global
  • L 3 Advanced Gym Instructor CYQ
  • L 3 Nutrition CYQ
  • L 3 Supervising Exercise for Disabilities CYQ
  • L 2 Management and Treatment of Sports Injuries FA
  • GP referral with SBC
  • Adavnced Kettlebell Instructor
  • Boxing Leaders Award

About Matt Glover

Matt Glover is a highly qualified and experienced
Personal Trainer and Fitness Class Instructor,
with 16 years experience. Whatever your current
fitness level, Matt will work with you, your time
schedule, abilities, eating habits and lifestyle to
ensure you achieve your full potential.
Through Matt’s time working in Health
and Sports Development Programs
with the local authority, he has experience
with athletes preparing for sporting
events including endurance and team sports
and special populations
with issues such as
Injury Rehabilitation,
GP Referrals, Obesity,
and the Disabled.


Elite Level -

Personal Trainers

We're pretty proud of our team of elite Personal Trainers - from marathon runners to England football team players, from Ice Hockey professionals to Rugby players, our personal trainers are at an elite level, second to none.