Group fitness classes are as popular as ever with a huge variety of options spanning almost every component of fitness. And the best thing – at Kiss Gyms all classes are included as part of your gym membership.  


Why Classes?

Classes can be a great way into fitness giving those new to exercise the peace of mind that a qualified instructor will be on hand to offer any help if needed.

Another big benefit is that everything is worked out for you so no need to worry about creating a training programme or working out which exercises to do.

Perhaps one of the biggest pulls is the atmosphere – lots of like-minded people on a mission to get fitter, all working together to reach their own individual goals.

And all classes run in our fitness studios providing some privacy away from the main gyms.  


Kiss Classes

There really is something for everyone.

You don’t need to be super-fit already as most classes allow you to go at your own pace.

Having said that, we have a traffic light system to give you an indication of what lies ahead.


  • Green: Wellbeing. These classes focus on mobility and core strength. You won’t be moving particularly quickly but you will benefit from improved flexibility and increased strength. Think yoga and pilates.
  • Amber: Moderate intensity. These sessions will have you moving around the studio at a moderate pace.  You’re heart rate will raise and you should feel out of breath. Think Zumba or gentle aerobics.
  • Red: High intensity: Expect a faster pace and changes in the tempo although many classes will allow you to work at your own pace. Think circuits or spinning.


Some of these classes may use weights while others may be more cardio based. Even though these are more demanding you can usually slow things down or use lighter weights.


Kiss Favourites

We have classes running each day of the week at all of our gyms. The timetables and types of classes do vary between locations so check your local gym for up-to-date info.

Here are three classic workouts we’d love you to try.


  • Spin: A high intensity cycling workout guaranteed to get your heart racing while blitzing loads of calories. Beginners can go at their own pace so don’t be afraid to give it a try
  • Zumba: Latin dance based class. A Kiss favourite and one of the most well known and popular fitness classes out there. If you haven't tried Zumba yet, where have you been?
  • Pump: A barbell-based exercise class focusing on one body part per music track. Tone your whole body while listening to so great tunes



 About the author: Ronny Terry is a personal trainer at Kiss Gyms Swindon. You can view his profile HERE