Book Recommendation: Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

It may sound a bit weird. Suggesting a popular science book in a gym related blog. But hear me out.

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We are all somewhat aware that we’re living in an age of misinformation.

This seems to count double for anything related to health and fitness, with endless gadgets gizmos and diets promising you that you can have the body you always dreamed of if you use it for just 30 seconds each morning before you brush your teeth.

Obviously, this is false, but what about the claims that seem plausible? How do you decide what to believe and invest in, and what is total rubbish?

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the answer. At it’s core this is what this book is all about.

Ben had a career writing for the Guardian newspaper, debunking the ridiculous claims of other news outlets. In this book he carefully picks apart why most of the health claims in papers are total rubbish, and by reading it you’ll learn how to as well.

He starts with really easy things, such a detoxifying foot baths and eventually raises the stakes throughout the book until he begins to explain how Big Pharma drug companies, use wily tactics to trick doctors into prescribing their drugs over others.

Ben Goldacre also has the knack of making the traditionally dry subjects of critical thinking and statistics seem more interesting, relevant and even fun.