Fair Weather Gym Goers

It’s funny how priorities change with the immediacy of an event, take holidays for example. You had a fantastic Christmas and you skipped the January new-year’s resolutions because you’re not a sheep. Then all of a sudden you’re going on holiday with friends/family to the beach and you instantly start regretting every second-helping of cheese and crackers in the festive period.

Taking fast action, the next thing that’s happening is an intense desire to wipe the smirk off your personal trainer’s face. Just as you tell them in all seriousness that you have 3 weeks to lose 2 stone of fat. The problem is they’ve heard it all before too many times. Short of an amputation they know you’re not going to lose that much weight.

Some might say that taking a short-term quick fix approach to fitness is for reactive and short-sighted people. They would be right. Taking this approach breaks the “law of the Harvest”. I read about this in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, wherein Covey explains that you can’t harvest from a field which you haven’t spent the time to tend and plant in the previous years: The Law of the Harvest video

Your body is just the same, if you want to look fit and healthy, then you need to be fit and healthy. This takes time, and the more time you give yourself the easier it is to achieve. The best way of doing this is consistency throughout your entire life.