Helping Local Businesses

Kissgyms has long-running ties with small local businesses which are fitness related. Kissgyms Swindon has a mutually beneficial relationship with SNES (Sports Nutrition and Equipment Supplies) and Acton has the same with Vitamin Shop. In Kissgyms Milton Keynes One Zen Fitness Academy often teaches budding new PTs the ways of the fitness industry.

In both cases we support each other’s businesses both for our own benefits and the benefits of our members who get to enjoy exclusive discounts at our related stores. We also promote each other’s businesses through special promotional events wherein the gym will host the local store so they can give out samples of their wares and the stores will in turn promote the gyms during their own external promotional events.

We have all had a hard time during the last couple of years especially the leisure and fitness industries who were the first to close and the last to re-open. So it’s good to help each other out whenever we get the chance!