How Do You Get to the Gym?

Often little thought is put into how people get to the gym, the important thing is being there right? ...right?

By now we should all know a minimum of 5 minutes to 15 minutes on a cardio machine such as the treadmill or cross-trainer should be completed before strength training begins, we also know that most Kiss Gyms members are within a 5-minute drive of the gym. So, it seems to make sense to use that journey to do your warmup!

The benefits of walking, running or cycling to the gym are manifold:

  • Save time, your journey becomes part of your workout.
  • Save money, driving your car or getting the bus costs money, running, or cycling doesn’t.
  • Burn more fat, this is the fuel you’re burning instead of petrol.
  • Don’t worry about parking, we have bike racks.
  • Get outside, exposing yourself to the outdoors is a healthy thing to do.
  • You can’t skimp on your warmup, you can step off a treadmill anytime, but if you’re walking to the gym you can’t stop until you get there.

But there’s one benefit which trumps the rest, it builds Self-discipline! There’s a load of reasons why it’s a good idea to not to just drive to the gym, but most do because it’s just easier. Everyone naturally follows the path of least resistance, in order to get to the gym to do resistance training! By making yourself brave the weather and do the harder thing that you know benefits you in these ways, despite it being less comfortable, you’re building the habit and tendency to do the things you know you should, but don’t feel like doing at the time. Which in this day and age, is basically a super-power.