Written by Connor Sutheran - Fri 3rd Dec 2021

Is stretching before a workout worth it? Many people who decide to workout do little to no stretching yet stretching is a very important part of preparing for a workout. The reason stretching is so important is because it loosens the muscles meaning you have a reduced risk of strains cramps and joint pain. Stretching also helps improve blood flow meaning more oxygen gets to the blood and therefore increases the time before your muscles begin to respire anaerobically this begin to release lactic acid which is what is called a stitch. We will now go through some stretches to try before your next workout

Neck stretches Stand with feet at shoulders width, let your arms hang by your side, look straight forward, tip your head to the right and try to let your ear touch your shoulder you should feel a stretch in the left neck and shoulder hold this for 10 seconds repeat this three times alternating the side to which you tilt your head. 

Shoulder stretches Cross-body shoulder stretch-stand with your feet at shoulder width, stretch your arm out straight in front of you bring your right arm across your chest and bring your left arm up and hold your right arm in the crease of your elbow use the left forearm to gently pull your right arm towards you hold for 20 seconds then repeat with the alternate arms.

Back stretches Supine twist, lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet touching the floor, keeping your back flat against the floor rotate your hips to the left lowering your knees towards the floor until you feel a gentle stretch hold it for 15 seconds return to original position then repeat in the opposite direction.

Arm stretches There are multiple different stretches you should use for your arms.

                            For your triceps bring your right arm over your back on the right-hand side of your head so the palm touches your back between your shoulder blades using your left arm gently pull your right elbow back repeat this with your left arm.

                            Bicep stretch interlock your hands at the base of your back, turn the palms of your hand so they face the floor then push out backwards.

                            Wrist/forearm stretches hold your right arm out straight in front of you with your left hand pull the right hand so your fingers are pulled towards the ceiling until you can feel the stretch then pull your right hand so the fingers point toward the floor till you feel the stretch.

leg stretch support yourself against something that allows you to stand up straight begin to swing your leg straight out aiming to bring it higher each time, this mainly focuses on hips quads hamstrings.