Weight Classes in Milton Keynes

Pump Weight Class

  • Duration: Pump is a 45 minute class
  • Intensity level: Pump is a high intensity class
  • Calorie counter: You can expect to burn up to 600 calories during a pump class
  • Exercise equipment: We provide the weight, you provide the muscles.

This class does what it says on the tin - gets those muscles pumping. The best bit is that you get to lift weights to fun choreographed routines with music. This is a class you can really get lost in, and will tone your body without you realising. With your choice of weights, suitable for anyone, including a series of squats, lifts, presses, and curls to work and strengthen the entire body using light to moderate weights and high number of repetitions which will build endurance and sculpt your body.

What to wear to your pump class?

You should just wear normal comfy gym gear and trainers to workout in.

Does Pump help lose weight?

Yes, Pump will burn calories and build muscle which allows your body to burn more calories by default.

How many calories does a Pump session burn?

Up to 600 calories per class!

How frequently should I take Pump classes?

Our class is once a week on a Tuesday evening, and most people find that ideal.

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Ripped and Stripped Weight Class

  • Duration: Ripped and stripped is a 45 minute class.
  • Intensity level: This class is moderate intensity
  • Calorie counter: You can expect to burn around 200 calories
  • Exercise equipment: You won’t need to bring anything other than a water bottle - we provide the weights.

Are you ready to build muscle and drop fat in this intensive weight lifting class? The buzzy class atmosphere will help any newbie get involved and learn some new weights skills as they go along. It’s the perfect for quickly building muscle.

If you’re looking to sculpt and define your body using low weight high rep techniques then this is the class for you. The best bit? You get to listen to pumping tunes as you do it.

What to wear to your Ripped and Stripped Class?

Weight training can be intense on the hands, so you might like to wear gloves. Aside from that wear comfy workout kit and sturdy trainers.

Does a Ripped and Stripped Class help lose weight?

Yes - you’ll burn calories and build muscle - the perfect weight loss ingredients.

How many calories does a Ripped and Stripped session burn?

You can expect to burn around 200 calories

How frequently should I take a Ripped and Stripped Class?

We offer one class a week at 17:45 on Wednesdays.

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