Yoga Classes

Written by Master Hope - Fri 29th Mar 2019

Our yoga classes are based on Hatha yoga. You may ask yourself what is Hatha Yoga? Hatha style yoga consists teaching Hatha yoga poses (asanas) . We believe in building on the foundations of yoga, focusing asana and breathing exercises, also known as pranayama linking your breath to movement, building strength, improving stamina and concentration, and challenging flexibility and balance for improved mobility.

We begin by warming up with easy yoga pose which progress in more challenging yoga poses such as the yoga crow pose. Don’t worry all you look for yoga for beginners, our class can be tailored for level of experience, fitness levels and can be adjusted for injuries. Each of our fitness instructors will guide to find your focus, steady your breath and move mindfully through the yoga sequence which are infused with vinyasa yoga flow.

Our warm downs focus on restorative yoga similar to yin yoga which focus on stretching and relaxing the body. This includes hip flexor stretch, hamstring stretches and lowers back stretches that challenges your body and mind in a completely different way to the more dynamic yang yoga.

Be prepared to be challenged as you discover what works for your body

You can expect our yoga classes to improve:

  • Flexible muscle by working as flexibility training
  • Build lean muscle
  • Core strength
  • Weight loss
  • Strength maintenance
  • Promotes a toned body
  • Posture correction
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Bone’s density
  • Circulation
  • Balance

Target zones:

Yoga is a full body workout which targets:

  • Core Legs
  • Glutes
  • Arms
  • Abdominals
  • Back


Our Yoga classes are suitable for all levels as we can tailor the poses to suit your level of strength or flexibility. If your are injured we can also adapt our yoga poses to suit you and aid your recovery.

Exercise equipment:

We can provide you with a yoga mat, yoga bolster, yoga straps, yoga blocks and yoga blankets. We recommend bringing your own towels, water and appropriate workout clothes but no additional equipment is necessary. Also feel free to bring your own yoga mattas

Calorie counter:

In this class your expected to burn ….. Calories.


Our yoga classes are a 60 min exercise routine. We advise to practice 2 or 3 a week for ideal results and rest days.