Yoga & Pilates Classes in Milton Keynes

Yoga classes

  • Duration: Our Yoga Classes Last For 60 Minutes
  • Intensity level: Yoga is a low intensity workout, that encourages working at your own pace
  • Calorie counter: In a typical yoga class you’ll burn between 175-300 calories
  • Exercise equipment: We provide mats and other yoga equipment, you just bring yourself and some water, and perhaps a towel.

 Yoga is an amazing form of exercise that boosts both physical and mental health. The physical health benefits are vast, with weight loss, improved blood flow and increased flexibility being some of the main reasons people choose to practise yoga. However, Yoga is also renowned for improving mood, reducing stress and improving sleep, which can have amazing effects on your overall well being.

We base our Yoga classes on Hatha yoga, which is a restorative and peaceful practise that links breathing to movement. It is an ideal style for everyone from beginners to advanced yogis and can be translated as meaning sun and moon yoga, with ‘ha’ being sun and ‘tha’ meaning moon. As its name suggests, it is a yoga of balance and will leave you feeling calm and rested.


What to wear to your yoga class?

Simply wear normal workout clothes to yoga.

Does yoga help lose weight?

Yes - Yoga is an amazing low intensity fat burner and can also help contribute to cardio when practiced quickly.

How many calories does a yoga session burn?

A yoga session will burn between 175-300 calories.

How frequently should I take yoga classes?

We recommend practicing yoga 2-3 times a week, with rest days.

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Pilates classes


  • Duration: Pilates classes last for 45 mins
  • Intensity level: Pilates is a low intensity exercise that suits most fitness levels
  • Calorie counter: A 45 minute pilates class will burn around 175 calories
  • Exercise equipment: We provide mats, blocks, straps and anything else you might need, so just bring yourself.

Pilates is an amazing low-impact workout that focuses on the core. You’ll learn how to control your movement by combining the breath with slow, precise postures.

Pilates teaches efficient, graceful movement that aligns the body and leaves you feeling balanced.Not only is pilates amazing for physical health, posture and blood flow, it can  have mental health benefits too. It’s a great class for stress relief and relaxation and can help you find some calm at the beginning or end of your day.

What to wear to your pilates class

Normal workout clothes are ideal for pilates

Does pilates help lose weight?

Yes - pilates burns calories and helps to build muscles which in turn burns more calories.

How many calories does a pilates session burn?

Pilates burns around 175 calories per session.

How frequently should I take pilates classes?

2-3 times a week with rest days.

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Sculpt and Tone classes

  • Duration: Sculpt and Tone is a 45 min workout class
  • Intensity level: It is a moderate intensity class
  • Calorie counter: You can expect to burn around 200 calories per class
  • Exercise equipment: Just bring yourself, we provide the mats.

 Looking for an exercise class that acts as a workout, whilst developing your core muscular control, strength and flexibility? Sculpt and Tone classes focus on linking movement and breath to give an overall body workout. Each of the exercises can be modified to suit your requirements and needs. 

 Each class works to balance all muscle groups' strength and flexibility, with an emphasis on challenging the core muscles with each movement and working to improve posture. Sculpt and Tone is a challenging yet safe method to sculpt your body and to feel increased agility in your everyday movements. 


What to wear to your Sculpt and Tone class?

Be sure to wear comfortable gym gear to your workout.

Does Sculpt and Tone help lose weight?

Yes - you will burn calories as well as tone and sculpt the body.

How many calories does a Sculpt and Tone session burn? 

We estimate you’ll burn around 200 calories in this class.

How frequently should I take a Sculpt and Tone class?

Once a week is great, our class is on Tuesday evenings at 17:45.


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