Ionut Sava @

Kiss Gyms Swindon


My Qualifications

  • Neuro-behavioral therapy coach
  • Level 3 personal training
  • Sport massage therapy
  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Kettlebell instructor
  • Circuits instructor

About Ionut Sava

Life is about choices.

How we think controls how we behave. how we behave is critical to our professional success, personal achievement and happiness.

Some people think that PT is overrated. But I beg to differ.

Working with me will assist you to overcome behavioural barriers, cultivate a growth mindset, gain deep knowledge on how to achieve what you put your mind to.

You will learn, apply and get a workout plan with concrete exercises to follow towards a more fulfilling life.


Elite Level -

Personal Trainers

We're pretty proud of our team of elite Personal Trainers - from marathon runners to England football team players, from Ice Hockey professionals to Rugby players, our personal trainers are at an elite level, second to none.