Lucia Vintea @

Kiss Gyms Swindon


My Qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Boxing Padwork for Groups

About Lucia Vintea

I have years of experience training at the
gym, I have been both under weight and,
after my pregnancy overweight too. I know
exactly how it feels like to be anxious and
unsure while working out, it’s not easy and
its hard work.
I’m here to show you how to train right to
get the results you’re working for, let me
show you how to make all of the time and
hard work you put into the gym worthwhile.
You need to step out of your comfort zone,
but I’m here to make the difficult process
fun, enjoyable and with great results.
Our bodies are amazing and they need care
and attention to function properly, become
a better happier version of yourself without
the fear that comes with being a beginner.


Elite Level -

Personal Trainers

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