Piotr Budzinski @

Kiss Gyms Swindon


My Qualifications

  • CYQ level 3 personal training
  • CYQ level 2 gym instructor
  • Level 3 sports massage therapy
  • 1st Aid qualified
  • Bodybuilding competition prep coach

About Piotr Budzinski

My name is Piotr but call me Pete.

I have been competitive since i was 16 years old. Hard Work and Dedication is what created me as an Athlete and Personal Trainer.

I have gained a lot of experience throughout working with many clients at competitive level as well as helping people with their first steps at the gym.

Working with people and making sure they achieving their goals is what i do and what i enjoy the most.

If you really want to improve your life - start from your Body, this is the best investment you can make to be successful, everything else will follow.


Elite Level -

Personal Trainers

We're pretty proud of our team of elite Personal Trainers - from marathon runners to England football team players, from Ice Hockey professionals to Rugby players, our personal trainers are at an elite level, second to none.